Full membership

SAVCA is a non-profit Section 21 Company that represents the interests of the participants of the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry in South Africa. All the key participants in the industry are members of the Association. Full membership of SAVCA provides a high level of endorsement from the industry and denotes a high level of professionalism and integrity for the member firm.

There are a number of advantages to becoming a full member of SAVCA:

  • Endorsement of the member firm from a respected industry body;
  • Member details included in the annual directory of SAVCA members;
  • Exposure of the member firm on the SAVCA website;
  • Participate in the lobbying activities of SAVCA on behalf of its members relating to legislative issues pertinent to the industry (i.e. CGT, Competition Law);
  • Networking opportunities at social functions;
  • Option to participate in an annual Salary Survey of the SAVCA members (the results available to participants only);
  • Participation in the Annual KPMG/SAVCA Venture Capital/Private Equity Survey;
  • Preferential rates on SAVCA sanctioned training Courses; and
  • References from SAVCA from potential capital seekers and employment candidates.

Membership criteria for a full member:
All applicants for Full membership must meet the criteria as laid out in terms of the Association’s Charter.

All applicants must:

  • be actively involved in venture capital, private equity investments or mezzanine finance;
  • be of good standing in the industry;
  • have, as its principal business, the provision of equity finance or mezzanine funding to unquoted companies and make its returns mainly through medium to long term capital gain;
  • have experienced executives engaged full-time in venture capital, private equity investment or mezzanine finance;
  • have or will have venture capital, private equity or mezzanine funds under management and be actively making investments.

Should you wish to apply for Full membership of the Association, please submit the fully completed Membership Form below to the SAVCA offices. The completed application form will be reviewed by the SAVCA Board at their next meeting and the applicant will notified of the outcome of their application.

To download the membership application, right click on the following link and choose “Save As”.

SAVCA Application for Full membership 2017
Download/view the SAVCA Memorandum and Articles of Association in pdf format – 3.5MB


Telephone: +27 11 268 0041
Email address: info@savca.co.za